NAVEDTRA 14295B: CHAPTER 02: Expeditionary Healthcare Administration

March 27, 2017

Although most duties are performed in a clinical environment, the Hospital Corpsman (HM) may be assigned to clerical positions aboard ship, assigned to duty with the Fleet Marine Force, Naval Mobile Construction Battalions, or detailed to Fleet Hospitals or staff duty where knowledge of administrative procedures and reports is a must. Handling, updating, and using official directives and publications are important administrative duties.

The efficiency of an office depends on having publications and directives that are up to date and staff members who know them well. As the HM progresses in rate and assumes greater responsibility, there will be requirements to maintain various logs, records, and directives. Additionally, duties include being able to draft, type, and file correspondence. The HM will use Navy directives and publications more and more as the job is learned. The HM will also be required to maintain computer data for command use.

This chapter covers medical reports, logs, and records commonly used by Navy Medical and Dental Departments. It will review the maintenance and disposal of instructions and notices, preparation of correspondence, and filing procedures. Additionally, it will outline the organization of the Fleet Marine Force, Fleet Hospitals, and Naval Mobile Construction Battalions, and special qualifications available to the HM.